Know Your Farmer: MSAN Local Farm Features

Each month, MSAN highlights a producer here in Mississippi making a difference in their community by committing to natural, sustainable, and regenerative models of agriculture.

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Native Son Farm (Tupelo, MS)Take a tour of the farm where Amanda Reed and her husband Will grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm (Oxford, MS)

Hear how Doug Davis took some fertile farmland from a dream to a community destination for many in North Mississippi.

Amorphous Gardens (Canton, MS)

See how Jonathan and Sevanna have developed their idea of a big garden/small farm for their community in Central Mississippi.

Beaverdam Fresh/HighHope Farm (Cedar Bluff, MS)

Learn from Dustin, Ali and the Wrays how farm animals (and farmers) can work symbiotically to serve as responsible land stewards.

Two Run Farm (Vaughan, MS)

Visit with farmer Charlie Munford and take a trip back in time on his family’s homestead.

Brown Family Dairy (Oxford, MS)

Listen to what makes a family farm so special (and fresh milk taste so good) from Billy Ray Brown.

Black Creek Farms (Columbus, MS)Explore Scott and Lydia’s fertile family farm where the couple raises produce in rich, bottom land soil to feed their family and community.

Francis Flowers & Herb Farm (Pickens, MS)Meet Mark and Earcine, where the best of the past meets farming innovations of today for a unique product.

Bountiful Harvest Farm (Starkville, MS)See how one garden grew into a farm feeding families and a friends healthy, fresh food.

G&M Goat Farm (Wiggins, MS)Hear from Mississippi’s self-proclaimed Goat Lady about what makes her goats so special.

Pearl River Blues Berry Farm (Lumberton, MS)Diversity and teamwork are the secrets to the bounty you’ll find on Amy Phelps’ farm in southern Mississippi.

Country Girl’s Creamy (Lumberton, MS)A father and son reinvent their family’s dairy to become sustainable in more ways than one.

Homestead Farms & Nursery (Coldwater, MS)

Learn sustainability basics from someone who has lived it for nearly 40 years.

Mauthe’s Progress Milk Barn (Progress, MS)The Mauthe family works together to make some of the best value-added dairy products in the South.

Great Mississippi Tea Company (Brookhaven, MS)Did you know the Southern Mississippi has the perfect climate for growing tea?