Summer Internships & Academic Fellowships

The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) offers multiple opportunities year-round to passionate, creative and committed individuals interested in supporting the development of just, local food systems and agro-ecological farming practices in Mississippi. MSAN is a state-wide non-profit organization based in Oxford, MS that is assisting healthy farms and communities develop economically and ecologically responsible agricultural enterprises. As an MSAN intern or fellow, you will work closely on issues connected with food justice, environmental stewardship, nutrition, health and wellness, community organizing, public policy and economic development, farm to school and edible education. You will engage with other individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting sustainable living practices and good food choices throughout Mississippi. You will contribute to one of the fastest growing movements in the country and take an active part in ensuring a safer, healthier, more equitable future.

Internships and fellowships, paid and unpaid, are available to high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students as well as recent graduates with an interest in food, farming, advocacy, and non-profit work. Interns will be able to create a flexible schedule around their academic and professional workload and may work remotely, but must be willing to commit a minimum # of hours/week for the duration of their internship or fellowship (Academic Fellow, Sept-April and Summer Intern, May-July).

Join our team to help bring healthy food from Mississippi farms to Mississippi communities!

MSAN is currently accepting applications for 2017 Summer Interns – Deadline To Apply is April 14, 2017.

How to Apply

Email the following to Please include “MSAN Internship” in the subject line.

  • Cover letter starting career goals, professional skills and interests, and when you are available to start
  • Academic/Professional resume
  • Names and contact information for two academic and/or professional references

Current MSAN Programs Include . . . 

  • Farmer Adocacy & Policy
  • Mississippi Mobile Farm on Wheels (
  • Mississippi Food Summit & Agricultural Revival
  • Farm Tours, Field Days and Grower Workshops
  • Rooted in Mississippi Farm Program
  • Food Justice
  • Farm to School & Edible Education

2016-2017 Just Food Fellows

Josh Green, Just Food Fellow

Graduate Student in Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi, J.D. from Tulane University Law School

“Recognizing that compassion for the environment and compassion for others are not distinct phenomena is key to recognizing the potential for sustainable agricultural practices.”


Blake Young, Just Food Fellow

High School Junior with interests in visual arts, ecology, and service to others in Oxford, MS

Nature picks no favorites / Nature tells no lie. / She withdraws no beauty / From the seeking eye / Nature apportions her wealth. / She never stands remiss. / How could we then withhold / From such a friend as this?

Sailer Perkins, Just Food Fellow

Senior at the University of Mississippi, B.A. Political Science and Arabic with a minor in Environmental Studies

“Food is a joy and a necessity. I think that this combination of qualities makes it an area in which we should enjoy being luxurious, even though luxury these days seems to mean getting back to the heart of real food. Health should not be restricted to those who can afford to buy into it as a trend, but rather it should be a priority for communities to ensure that health, especially through food, is accessible to all. This is not a simple goal. However, with a multifaceted approach, from policy to advocacy to education, we can make a difference in the way our communities access, use, and enjoy food for better wellness.”

Brandon Walker, Just Food Fellow

Fruit and vegetable farmer with Native Sons Farm in Oxford, MS.

“My mission is raising self awareness through agriculture.

What is yours?”

Riley Woolworth, Sustainable Oxford Intern

High School Senior with interests in food and wellness, art and design, and gender studies.

I know that one resurrected rural community would be more convincing and more encouraging than all the government and university programs of the last fifty years….But to be authentic, a true encouragement and a true beginning, this would have to be a resurrection accomplished mainly by the community itself. It would have to be done, not from the outside by the instruction of visiting experts, but from the inside by the ancient rule of neighborliness, by the love of precious things, and by the wish to be at home.” -Wendell Berry