MSAN’s mission is to make sustainable farming and local food production thriving enterprises in Mississippi.

The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) is the primary organization in the state of Mississippi concerned with sustainable farming and local food systems.

We are a network of farmers, consumers, educators, and activists all working together to improve the sustainability of our existing agricultural system here in Mississippi.

We are currently in the capacity building phase of our organization and have an incredible Board of Directors of passionate, knowledgeable individuals from around the state working together to grow both this network and the local, sustainable food system in our state.

On this website you will find information on our annual Mississippi Food Summit, a calendar of local, state, regional, and national events, a collection of information and resources on sustainable growing practices, a quarterly newsletter, featured farms, details about our Mobile Farm on Wheels project, an interactive forum, and our revealing coverage of the Real Food Relay and our fascinating Bioregional Bloggers.

What Can YOU Do?

Do YOU care about; locally-sourced, responsibly-raised, sustainably-produced, naturally-grown, and community-based food?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Purchase your vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, and eggs from local, sustainable farms
    • Visit area Farmers’ Markets
    • Ask how, where, and by whom the food was grown
    • Find nearby farms at Mississippi MarketMaker or Local Harvest
  • Buy natural, organic foods at locally-owned grocery stores
  • Learn to eat and cook seasonal produce
  • Begin gardening and experiment in producing your own food
  • Attend farm tours and volunteer at local farms to learn how your food is grown/raised
  • Join a CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – and be a part of your local food community
  • Attend the annual Mississippi Food Summit to learn about sustainable agriculture, organic gardening, home cooking, local food system development, and more. Or attend one of our workshops held throughout the year
  • Contribute to our MSAN Forum, whether your interest is in bulk purchases, securing farm land, food policy, or agricultural know-how; or leave us a question/comment on our Facebook page

Donate to MSAN so we can continue the important work of supporting, advocating for, and educating about sustainable farming and local food systems here in Mississippi

Join MSAN and become part of the movement!

Have ideas for MSAN? Let us know what your priorities are –