The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) supports financially sustainable farming practices that benefit our people and our land. MSAN provides:

  1. a forum where Mississippi farmers and food consumers share ideas, tips, techniques, and information; and
  2. outreach, support and educational opportunities that promote sustainable farming and local food systems in Mississippi.


Mission: Make sustainable farming and local food production thriving enterprises in Mississippi.

Goals: MSAN has four primary goals, to …

  1. Create Forums for:
    • Policy Changes and Advocacy
    • Technical Assistance and Idea Exchange
    • Group Purchasing and Equipment Sharing
  2. Create a Database of
    • Members (farmers and consumers)
    • Local agricultural know-how
  3. Encourage Growth of the Sustainable Farming Community in Mississippi through …
    • Workshops/Conferences/Forums/Events
    • Farm Tours/Demo Farms
    • Mentorship/Apprenticeship Programs
  4. Connect Farmers with Markets and Consumers with Farmers

MSAN Definition of Sustainable Farming: Sustainable farming meets environmental, human health, economic, and social objectives simultaneously. It promotes …

  1. The health of farmers, consumers and their communities;
  2. Stewardship of the environment and non-renewable resources; and
  3. Long term financial viability


Disclaimer: MSAN is not a certifying agency, nor are we endorsing any particular farms, farmers, or specific farming methods.